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The Adventures of the Sons of Neptune

The adventures begin in Scarborough, England's first seaside resort. A group calling themselves 'The Sons of Neptune', renowned for their enthsiastic, irrepressible enjoyment of all year round bathing in the North Sea's effervesent champagne  surf. When suddenly faced with the prospect of their playground being contaminated with sewage without opposition, they vowed to stop the madness of pumping foul disease laden sewage into our seas without proper treatment.


This incredible story takes you on an whirlwind journey through hilarious and outrageous events resulting in a vital victory for our planet!




You have heard the phrase ‘saving the planet’ this is how it is done!


When the establishment cut off the democratic life line the Sons, supported by the worlds leading scientists, used outrageous demonstrations and mind boggling stunts, in order to enlist the media to get their message spread world-wide.

Read the Adventures and discover why these modest gentlemen of the sea should be recognised as international giants of marine conservation.

If you regularly make use of the sparkling, fizzing, zest-for-life inducing, seas surrounding our ‘Sceptred Isle’ – you owe a dept of gratitude for all the work the Sons were compelled to do to ensure you are free to bathe without fear of disease and infection!



"The book is mighty readable and fast-paced. We were thrilled to get a copy."

- Sir Alan and Lady Ayckbourn


"Sincerest congratulations to you all for the fight against the fogs of bureaucracy. Your story is an uplifting one. It would also make a very good documentary."

- Roy Clarke, Creator of Last of the Summer Wine


"The Adventures Of The Sons Of Neptune takes the reader on what he calls a "whirlwind journey through hilarious and outrageous events resulting in a serious victory for our plant". They certainly played their part. And this oddball book won';t let you forget it"

- Stephen Lewis, Yorkshire Evening Press


"You were all a great inspiration to me."

- Louise Ellman MP (former leader of Lancashire County Council)


"Huge congratulation on the book - an entertaining, illuminating read which deserves to be a best-seller... a vivid and revelatory chronicle of one of the most important environmental campaigns of recent times. It would make a wonderful play - Dad's Army / Last of the Summer Wine meets Newsnight!"

- Graeme Thompson, Dean off Media Studies at Durham University, Former Head of Tyne Tees Television


Reading over events featuring Dracula and 'Swift-half' Jenkinson set against the glorious backdrop of Robin Hoods Bay was a real tonic."

- Robin Herford, West End Producer/Director of The Woman in Black



          Yorkshire Post review by Tim Luker




          Robin Herford




         Ian Macdonald




        Northern Echo report by Harry Mead




About the Author


Charles White was born in Dublin in 1942. He was educated Summerhill College, Sligo.

He moved to London to study medicine. Settling in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, he ran the first ever course on the history and development of Rock N’Roll at the Scarborough College of Arts & Technology, also opening the first ever museum dedicated to the genre.

This eventually led to establishing a broadcasting career and was dubbed ‘Dr. Rock’ by the British press. He has presented over 900 radio shows for the BBC network and his television series ‘Dr. Rock’s Guide To Hollywood’ won an Outstanding Award at the New York Film & Television Festival in 1995. He has also written the official biographies of rock ‘n roll legends Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard. Time Magazine described his Richard book as “the woolliest, the funniest, the funkiest rock memoir ever”.  The South Bank Show arts programme devoted a whole programme to the book.


He has contributed to The Independent, Sunday Times, The Observer, The Guardian, Rolling Stone magazine, The Tatler and many specialised rock journals.


However, it is his passion for environmental matters that led him to become a founding member of the marine conservation group, The Sons of Neptune whose campaign for clean seas began in 1982, pre-dating the establishment of the more well known Surfers Against Sewage.


In 1989, the Neptune group were involved in the BBC programme ‘The North Sea’ which won the European Parliament prize at the European Environmental Film Festival Ecovision ’89 Film Festival.


This led to a 20 year battle which fundamentally changed EU laws on the dumping of toxic material into the sea which legally safeguard the standards of our beaches and marine environment today.


This book is the first comprehensive in-depth study of the intense campaigning of a pressure group on marine conservation.



9th August 2013.   
A Personal Injury Lawyer's Appraisal of  Health & Safety issues and the failure to address these adequately in the Scarborough Spa Coast Protection Scheme

Sons of Neptune Exhibition Woodend Creative Centre Tuesday 9th July 2013


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